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The Fox Academy | The best of education for free, for everyone, forever.

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The best of education for all.
We bring you to the next level.



The Revolution of Education.

The Fox Academy provides an all-in-one super education in arts, science, technology, economy, psychology and more to the citizen of today world and the heroes of tomorrow.

We are a worldwide league of changemakers.
We are the Future.
We are The Fox Academy.

  • We are building a better Education.
    You are building a better World.

Our Online Academy

Online training for people who want to take their life to the next level.

We gathered the very best of every essential subject that you need to succeed in this world.
From Business through Creativity to Self Development, you will have access to all practical tools and knowledge to improve your life quickly and efficiently. All you need is the commitment to change. We take care of the rest.

Our Campus

Collaborative workspaces to transform your ideas into successful projects.

The Fox Academy helps you to transform your dreams into ideas and your ideas into real projects that will come to life on our campus. Discover our free and open to all creative and inspiring workspaces that will be your launching ramp into your own success. You will find all the tools, advice, support and resources you need to build your project from A to Z.

Our Schools

For the heroes of tomorrow.

We are creating new generation education centres all around the world, where kids are continuously encouraged to remain curious, learn through real-world activities and by interacting with all members of the community. Our educators are devoted to stimulate true intelligence, intuition and creativity in children so they can reach their full potential and realize later on the bright future they deserve.

  • You are the Future.
    Together we are The Fox Academy.