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We strongly believe that the most important step for a better world is acting for education.
Poverty, Corruption, War, Unemployment, Health Problems: they all come from a lack of true education. We are not talking about mathematics and others classic subjects (there are still important though) but about the real, life- and value-oriented education, which includes learning about yourself and your environment (self- and social awareness) and developing your full potential (creativity, intuition, empathy and true intelligence) We offer our students skills and competencies that they cannot learn in classic schools, yet they are essential for them to succeed and live their life to the fullest.

We are dedicated to help all around the world to train the best educators, to build new-generation schools and offer the best of education for everyone and for free.

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If we think something is wrong with classic education strategies, why don’t we just try to change it instead of keep talking about it? You can make a powerful impact by taking actions. Even the smallest single step will have a meaningful consequence. Be part of the Change and contribute to the Revolution of Education.



We won’t stop until at least one school will be created in every country around the globe.



Education has no frontiers. The Fox Academy Online training will be translated in the most spoken languages.



The Fox Academy’s growth strategy was designed to help +300 million of young person worldwide, in the upcoming five years.


Build new generation schools

We create places for joyful, creative learning and self-expression. Support us and give the best of knowledge to children all around the globe.


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Another way to contribute. Another way to act. Discover our outfit collection, buy your favorite piece online and be proud to become a member of The Fox Academy. 100% of the benefits are used for creating new education centers.

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Enlight millions of people mind by giving them the key to live meaningfully.


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