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The Fox Academy - Learn about our schools and amazing program

    Super-education for our children.
    Make humanity great again.

For the kids of today
and the heroes of tomorrow.

The Fox Academy goes above the limits of schools.
Our mission is to offer the very best of education to your kids.
To unleash the creativity, passion, and true intelligence living in every child.
To redefine the vision of School and build unique places for joyful and creative learning.

We give them the chance to reach their potential and live their lives to the fullest today.
We give them the chance to be the heroes of tomorrow.

Your kids will thank you.
The world will thank them.

Imagine a place where children could learn not only facts, numbers and data but also develop a respect for universal human values that will serve as guidelines for their entire life. A place where children will learn to trust in themselves and dare to present their ideas, communicate with love and intelligence, act with responsibility and develop their inner balance through various physical activities and mindfulness techniques. These unique places are now coming to life. Welcome to The Fox Academy. 

Master of all.
Copy of none.

At The Fox Academy, students can focus their interest on science, spirituality, arts, sports, technology and much more. They are supported by the best educators to find their passion, develop their strength and build their own path. We also train our students to think independently: kids are highly encouraged to use their creative minds and express their point of view. Finally, they don’t copy, they create. 

For every child.
For conscious parents.
For the future of humanity.

Every kid deserves to receive the best education to give the best to this world in turn. Education is the key to individual and collective freedom, to our kids’ better future and should not be run as a competing business. That is why we decided to offer the same chances of success for all. Our scholar fees are proportional to the parents’ income.

  • School is not a preparation for life,
    School is life itself.

What are they going to learn?

We teach top essential subjects that will be profitable for their entire life.
No classic lessons, no theories, but practical knowledge and real life-skills.

Science & Technology

Physics & Mechanic
Internet & Digital Technology
Practical Mathematics
Biology & Medicine

Arts & Creativity

Singing & Acting
Writing & Literature
Photography & Film making
Drawing & Painting
Creativity Development

World Understanding

Economy & Business
History of Humanity
Sociology & Ethnology


Sport & Martial Art
Languages & Communication

  • The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind
    with an open one.

What will they become?

It is not your profession that defines you.
We go beyond job categories and career perspective and teach our students to use their power to develop awesome and priceless competencies.


In the first place, we will encourage students to make new discoveries and find one or several specific fields of interest. Then we will teach them, how to learn any particular thing on their own and experience their new skill in no time.


They are not just dreamers, they are also makers. They learn through real-life projects how to conceptualize and present ideas, individually or as a team-work.

Science & Digital Genius

They are digital natives. Our students are not only able to use the latest technologies, but they improve it. They understand science and contribute to it.

Talented Artists

Creativity is one of the greatest forms of intelligence. It comes from your inner-self and offers you unique and innovative ideas. Our students write, paint, play, film, create and express themselves beautifully. You will be jealous.

Health Masters

They develop a healthy mind and body to feel balanced and remain in control of their life. They learn the meaningful ability to maintain an eternal good health and share this knowledge to heal and empower others.

Great Speakers

They communicate with the entire world by speaking several languages. They develop their emotional intelligence and compassion to easily interact with anyone. They have the talent to foster people and positively influence the world.

But also… World Changers

A great future starts with education.
The Fox Academy’s students are the heroes of tomorrow. We give them the best support to find their life goal and have a positive impact on this planet. From the smallest to the biggest purpose, they are all meaningful.

Give your children the opportunity to join The Fox Academy NOW and be proud to see them living their life to the fullest.

Engage with us now.
Help us and contribute to the future of Education.